About Satya Shaw

At CPA Satya Shaw, we have the licenses, registrations and education necessary to handle most type of investments for you. In fact, there is almost no investment vehicle type that we cannot access for you if the circumstances dictate. From simple to complex and from time-tested to modern and new, we provide you access to the tool that can help your financial portfolio take shape in ways better than you imagined.

We prefer a comprehensive approach to your financial situation, taking into account your insurance, future planning and legal needs in addition to your current investment portfolio. Turn to us for comprehensive lifestyle planning, legacy planning, estate planning, philanthropy, tax minimization strategies, asset protection, risk management, high-end private client services and more.

Check online for “Satya Shaw broker” or “Satya Shaw financial planner” and you will see excellent reviews that will help you gain confidence about our services. Our past clients can’t be wrong.

Often, investment is as simple as buying low and selling high. But sometimes it’s not so simple for a variety of reasons. For the simple situations and the complex ones, we’re here for you. May be help you? Our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.



Satya Shaw, CPA, MBA

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